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Downscaling the Semantic Web Workshop – VU University Amsterdam 8 October 2014



The third International Downscale workshop took place on October 8th at VU University Amsterdam. DownScale 2014 was the third edition of our international workshop on Downscaling the Semantic Web. In the Downscale workshops we investigate the potential for (semantic) web and linked data technologies for ICT for Development. The goal of this workshop was to bring together problem owners and solutions owners to discuss knowledge sharing issues and hack together innovative ICT4D systems. The event was hosted the day before the Open Development Camp in Amsterdam (http://www.opendevelopmentcamp.org/). The organizers Christope Guéret ,  Victor de Boer and Anna Bon met with Ben Webb, Tim Davies, Sally Deffor, Michael Gurstein and Jaap van Till and discussed about data sharing in low-resources contexts. For a full report of the Downscale workshop at VU Amsterdam please access: