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“China’s Approach on Internet Decolonising Strategies”

Read this short paper by Zhiheng Yang about China’s strategic response to information colonization.

China has asserted its digital sovereignty, establishing a unique model of decolonisation in the information space. While this approach has accelerated the growth of domestic software giants and fortified national security, concerns over restricted competition, stifling innovation, and privacy infringement have been raised. The paper further explores the case of Google’s exit from China, the rise of domestic software, and the subsequent influence on public opinion, emphasizing the need for a delicate balance between national security, technological development, and a free digital world. As countries navigate the digital era, this discourse will continue to shape the future of the global digital landscape.

Zhiheng Yang (May 2023) Internet Decolonising Strategies: A Study on China’s Approach, Essay in the ICT4D Course 2023 Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.