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Culture Citizenship Participation: Perspectives from Latin America on Inclusive Education

TO-INN_bookcover_ENG 20190904aInclusive education means quality education for all, regardless of social and economic status, geographical location, ethnicity, gender, age, culture or language. Inclusive Education is one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 4), as set out by the United Nations; it is a shared responsibility of all countries.This book presents a wealth of experiences and reflections on Inclusive Education from the Latin American perspective. As a result of intense collaboration1 within a network of twenty- two universities in Latin America and Europe, it provides a documented testimony from different contexts, about different aspects of education and teacher training. It covers a broad spectrum of aspects, topics, insights and reflections on the current state of inclusive education and how this can be improved. It aims to critically reflect and inform the debate about inclusive education, linking the global aspects of globalization with local culture and practices.Written by authors from different countries and continents, the book addresses different dimensions in inclusive education, including educational inclusion, pedagogical innovation, information and communication technologies in education and the social dimensions. Its central question is how social inclusion can be really achieved and how coverage of education can be extended to reach the least favored social sectors.

Culture, citizenship, participation – Comparative perspectives from Latin America on Inclusive Education
Edited by Anna Bon, Mónica Pini and Hans Akkermans

This book is simultaneously released in Spanish, the original language,  published as Cultura, ciudadanía, participación – Perspectivas de la educación inclusiva.

This publication is supported in part by a grant from the Erasmus+ Key Action 2 – Capacity building in the field of Higher Education of the European Union (573685-EPP-2016-1-ES-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP) https://www.toinn.org. The TO-INN project focuses on the challenges of Higher Education in providing inclusive education for all. This targets specifically students from less privileged sectors of society.

Pangea Amsterdam – ISBN 978-90-78289-17-3 Paperback, English version
ISBN 978-90-78289-15-9 Paperback  Spanish version

Releases on  23 September 2019 – Lisbon  TO-INN Final Conference