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Call for papers and posters (closed)

This call has been closed.

The ICT4D symposium is focused on interactive discussion and reflection around the challenges and opportunities for ICT for Development, specifically in the context of the Web.
Paper and poster submission subjects include (but are not limited to):

  • The role of the Web vs. barriers for development, and how to overcome them
    • Low literacy and the Web
    • Low resource infrastructures and information sharing (e.g. Internet of Things)
    • Multi-modal access (speech, voice services, icons, mobile technologies)
    • The multilingual web (e.g. for small under-resourced languages)
  • Digital inclusion/inclusiveness
  • Social networks
  • The Web and development
  • Mobile technologies and social development
  • Big and small data and the digital divide
  • Semantic Web and Linked Open Data for social development
  • HCI for Development (HCI4D)
  • Sustainability and ICT4D
  • Social and empirical studies of societal impacts of ICT4D
  • Globalization of the Web: processes, impacts, policies
  • Ethical issues concerning ICTs in development
  • Evaluation methodologies for ICT4D
  • Methodologies and experiences in socio-technical innovation (living labs, co-creation, agile methods, participatory technology development)
  • Participatory and human-centered Web technologies and applications

We invite both long and short papers as well as poster submissions (resp. 8-10, 4 and 2 pages in ACM conference format). Submissions will be peer-reviewed (see program committee below), and selection criteria are analogous to those in the main Web Science conference.

Long papers are expected to address mature and completed research concerning issues in ICT4D and the Web, short papers focus on formulating and discussing new ideas and emerging issues important for the future research agenda, and posters give a space for new research work-in-progress and corresponding discussions.

The organizers undertake to bring the best submitted papers into a special issue of an international journal.