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Cyber Security project by Universitas Indonesia and VU successfully completed

Last week CYBER – an educational project on Cyber Security in Indonesia, implemented by Universitas Indonesia and VU, was celebrated with the inauguration of the first multi-disciplinary Cyber Security Student Hall & Multidisciplinary Lab in Indonesia.

Cyber Security Symposium by UI and VU, November 2021.

Cyber Security education in Indonesia is an example of 21st century challenge-based multi-disciplinary education. The topic brings up many questions: what are legal or policy frameworks and technological solutions to protect citizens from Cyber threats? How to cope with new, highly dynamic, digital business environments? Should data protection regulations be introduced in Indonesia? Could this hamper local businesses? And within this rapidly evolving context, what are the competences needed for Cyber Security professionals to meet the challenges of the Digital Society?

The Cyber project was designed by Universitas Indonesia (UI) and VU, to tackle these questions through multi-discipinary education. From VU the Centre for International Cooperation, the Law Faculty and the Computer Science Department were involved. The new Cyber Security Student Hall & Multidisciplinary Lab, equipped with facilities for digital forensic analysis is an innovation in Cyber Security education, and is one of the flagships of the Cyber project.

Dr. Edmon Makarim, Dean of the UI Law Faculty, during the Cyber Closing Ceremony on 24 March 2022, stressed the importance of multi-stakeholder collaboration in the success of his project. From UI the Faculties of Law, Computer Science, Social and Political Sciences and the Department of Criminology were involved. At the national level the National Information and Communication Technology Law Lecturer Association (ADHTIK) and private company Cyber Army have participated. From Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam several teams contributed to the project.

CYBER, which is a project in the Orange Knowledge Programme, was solemnly inaugurated in 2020, in the presence of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima, during their official visit to Indonesia. Cyber is a flagship project to intensify collaboration in Higher Education between Indonesia and the Netherlands. It marks a great leap in research & education on the Digital Society in the Global South.

A final word of thank to my counterparts at Universitas Indonesia: Dr. Brian Prastyo and Ms. Zahrashafa Mahardika for the fruitful collaboration. We will continue this partnership in the near future with new joint activities in the field of Cyber Security, Digital Society and Global Citizenship.

Blockchain technology discussed during the Cyber table top exercize in November 2021 by academics from UI and VU.
Presentations and discissions about the Digital Society during the Cyber study visit of eight academics from UI to VU Amsterdam.

Anna Bon
Project manager of Cyber on behalf of CIS

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