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Digital Divide, Inclusion and Community Service Learning

Community service learning (CSL) is an educational approach that we have further developed in collaboration with universities and stakeholders in the Global South into a research and education model dubbed: ICT4D 3.0. This model combines problem-solving and situational learning with meaningful service to communities and society. In computer science and artificial intelligence education – traditionally purely technologically oriented – ICT4D 3.0 integrates CSL’s societal and ethical principles with user-centered design and socio-technical problem-solving. Being exposed to complex, societal real world problems, students learn by exploring, reflecting, co-designing in close interaction with communities in a real world environment. This type of education provides a rich learning environment for “Bildung”.

DigHum Lecture series 23 March 2021 17.00h CET

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The staff mobility between VUA, UDS and UNIMAS is made possible, partially through a grant from the EU.

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